Syria: Syria’s ambassador to France Lamia Chakkour tenders her resignation

Minutes ago Syria’s ambassador to France, Lamia Chakkour, tendered her resignation on the air, on France 24. She read a pre-prepared statement – she was proud of the army but could longer support the violence by the Assad regime against the people. She stated that Assad should form a transition government with the opposition. She hoped that Assad would accept her resignation. She took no questions.

The question is now – will anyone follow her? The Syrian ambassador to USA – Imad Mustapha,  Radwan Lutfi, Syria’s ambassador to Germany or why not Milad Atieh, Syria’s ambassador to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland?

In the coming days we will see if this is a trend. But I would be surprised if Lamia Chakkour resigned without having felt that other colleagues would also make a similar move. This could be the watershed moment when Assad started losing support among his top diplomats.

It is obvious that pressure from abroad, as has been brought by, for example France minister of foreign Alain Juppé does work. This is the moment for USA and the EU to just this momentum pressure on Russia, and of course on Syria. The cracks we have been waiting for among Assads supporters have appeared.


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Leif Eriksson has worked in the field of asylum at the Swedish Migration Agency specializing in the Middle East, Schengen and the Dublin Regulation, as Migration Attaché and head of the migration section at the Swedish Embassy in Damascus 2005 - 2008, as a resettlement consultant at the UNHCR branch office in Damascus 2008 - 2009, Consul at the Swedish Consulate General in Jerusalem 2012 - 2013 and associate RSD/RST officer at UNHCR in Beirut 2013 - 2014. He currently lives in Tbilisi, Georgia.
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  1. abual3mer says:

    Hi, mr.Leif
    I want you to rewrite your article again but in different title and please make it
    “France 24 is the most resource in the world” because the person who was on France 24 wasn’t Lamia So please listen to me I live in Syria and know everything is happening here so let us alone and again take your information from a cridble resource

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