Syria: Ministers of Justice and Information added to sanction list together with Cham Holding, Syriatel, Addounia TV and three other entities

The new EU sanctions that unveiled yesterday went into effect today. In yesterdays post I mentioned the ban on investments in the Syrian oil industry and transfer of Syrian banknotes and coins printed/minted in the EU. Today I have the list of those individuals and entities that has been added to the sanction list.

In Annex II to Regulation (EU) No 442/2011, the following entries are added:


1. Tayseer Qala Awwad, DoB: 1943; PoB Damascus
Minister of Justice. Associated with the Syrian regime, including by supporting its policies and practices of arbitrary arrest and detention.

2. Dr. Adnan Hassan Mahmoud, DoB: 1966; PoB Tartous
Minister of Information. Associated with the Syrian regime, including by supporting and promoting its information policy.


1. Addounia TV (a.k.a. Dounia TV)
Telephone:+963-11-5667274, +963-11-5667271, Fax:+963-11-5667272 Website:
Addounia TV has incited violence against the civilian population in Syria.

2. Cham Holding
Cham Holding Building Daraa Highway – Ashrafiyat Sahnaya Rif Dimashq – Syria P.O Box 9525 Tel +963 (11) 9962 +963 (11) 668 14000 +963 (11) 673 1044 Fax +963 (11) 673 1274 Email
Controlled by Rami Makhlouf; largest holding company in Syria, benefiting from and supporting the regime.

3. El-Tel Co. (a.k.a. El-Tel Middle East Company)
Address: Dair Ali Jordan Highway, P.O.Box 13052, Damascus – Syria Telephone: +963-11-2212345 Fax: +963-11-44694450 Email: Website:
Manufacturing and supplying telecommunication equipment for the Army.

4. Ramak Constructions Co.
Address: Daa’ra Highway, Damascus, Syria Telephone: +963-11-6858111 Mobile: +963-933-240231
Construction of military barracks, border post barracks and other buildings for Army needs.

5. Souruh Company (a.k.a. SOROH Al Cham Company)
Address: Adra Free Zone Area Damascus – Syria Telephone:+963-11-5327266 Mobile:+963-933-526812 +963-932-878282 Fax:+963-11-5316396 Email: Website: site/sorohco
Investment in local military industrial projects, manufacturing weapons parts and related items. 100 % of the company is owned by Rami Makhlouf.

6. Syriatel
Thawra Street, Ste Building 6ème étage, BP 2900 Tel: +963 11 61 26 270 Fax: +963 11 23 73 97 19 Email:; Website:
Controlled by Rami Makhlouf; provides financial support to the regime: through its licensing contract it pays 50 % of its profits to the Government.

The full text can be found in L 247/6 Official Journal of the European Union published 24.9.2011.

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Leif Eriksson has worked in the field of asylum at the Swedish Migration Agency specializing in the Middle East, Schengen and the Dublin Regulation, as Migration Attaché and head of the migration section at the Swedish Embassy in Damascus 2005 - 2008, as a resettlement consultant at the UNHCR branch office in Damascus 2008 - 2009, Consul at the Swedish Consulate General in Jerusalem 2012 - 2013 and associate RSD/RST officer at UNHCR in Beirut 2013 - 2014. He currently lives in Tbilisi, Georgia.
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