Syria: United Nations Security Council approves resolution on advance team of monitors

United Nations Security Council has just approved a resolution on Syria, on a 15 – 0 vote, to deploy up to 30 monitors as an advance team to monitor the implementation the six-point Annan-plan. More to come after I have analysed what has transpired. What we can note is that Russia and China for the first time did not veto. Nor did the abstain. This could be the game changer we have been looking for.


About Leif Eriksson

Leif Eriksson has worked in the field of asylum at the Swedish Migration Agency specializing in the Middle East, Schengen and the Dublin Regulation, as Migration Attaché and head of the migration section at the Swedish Embassy in Damascus 2005 - 2008, as a resettlement consultant at the UNHCR branch office in Damascus 2008 - 2009, Consul at the Swedish Consulate General in Jerusalem 2012 - 2013 and associate RSD/RST officer at UNHCR in Beirut 2013 - 2014. He currently lives in Tbilisi, Georgia.
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