Syria: Assad rejects transition plan for Syria

In an interview with Iran’s channel 4, published on the SANA homepage to coincide with the result of the Action Group of Syria’s transition plan Bashar al-Assad, among other, rejected the solution agreed upon.  The plan agreed upon by China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Turkey, Iraq (Chair of the Summit of the League of Arab States), Kuwait (Chair of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the League of Arab States) and Qatar (Chair of the Arab Follow-up Committee on Syria of the League of Arab States), and the European Union High Representative called for full implementation of the six-point plan and Security Council resolutions 2042 and 2043, including an immediate cessation of violence in all its forms and political transition in Syria. In this later part Russia and China had objected to language specifying that Bashar al-Assad would have to leave power. Instead the agreed formula by the Action Group on Syria was this: “…The establishment of a transitional governing body which can establish a neutral environment in which the transition can take place. That means that the transitional governing body would exercise full executive powers. It could include members of the present government and the opposition and other groups and shall be formed on the basis of mutual consent”.

The reaction from Bashar al-Assad was this: “We, in Syria, do not accept any model that is not Syrian and national, regardless of whether it was imposed by superpowers or proposed by friendly countries. No one knows how to resolve the problem in Syria as well as we do, as Syrians… so, any model that comes from abroad is unacceptable regardless of its content.” This statement was also echoed in the heading of the article: Syria Built its Policy on National & Popular Compass, We Don’t Accept any Type of Solution from Abroad Regardless of its Content.

Assad also praised countries like Russia, China and Iran who supports not any specific individual or regime but stability as Syria is such an important country in the region. Assad also noted that those armed groups in opposition are a mixture of outlaws and terrorist.

All in all Assad rejected the proposal out of hand. The new pna on transtion turned out to be another still-born product watered down by Russia, supported by China. The questions is what is next but escalation of the civil war?


About Leif Eriksson

Leif Eriksson has worked in the field of asylum at the Swedish Migration Agency specializing in the Middle East, Schengen and the Dublin Regulation, as Migration Attaché and head of the migration section at the Swedish Embassy in Damascus 2005 - 2008, as a resettlement consultant at the UNHCR branch office in Damascus 2008 - 2009, Consul at the Swedish Consulate General in Jerusalem 2012 - 2013 and associate RSD/RST officer at UNHCR in Beirut 2013 - 2014. He currently lives in Tbilisi, Georgia.
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  1. Michael Ohman says:

    Another well written short story from Leif Eriksson.
    The grip is firm and closening in on Assad’s regime. There will be debate when real changes are felt in the markets of Damascus. As of yet war is in between.

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