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Syria: The Damascus Bomb Blasts part 2 – the Ghost of Ghaddafi

It is not as if the Syrian regime opened its arms to the Arab League and the mission to monitor the implementation of the agreement to put an end to the violence. But in the end the regime had no … Continue reading

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Syria: The Damascus Bomb Blasts part 1

In anticipation of the Arab League monitor mission to Syria a number of questions emerged. Among them: how could the monitors be allowed to operate freely in Syria given the ambiguous agreement and how would the Syrian regime try to … Continue reading

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Libya: NTC recognize Syrian National Council & the Syrian Grand Mufti goes haywire

According to AFP the Libyan NTC announced they recognize the Syrian National Council as the sole representative of the Syrian people. The Syrian Embassy is Tripoli is to be closed. That Libya, an Arab state, recognize the SNC as the … Continue reading

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Libya: After Qaddafi – The tribes triumphant?

After the 1969 revolution the balance of power shifted – from the tribes of eastern Libya, Cyrenaica to those of eastern and south-easter Libya, Tripolitana and Rezzan. The tribes that gained in influence were the al-Qaddadfa, al-Magarha, and al-Warfalla. These … Continue reading

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Libya: After Qaddafi – a break-up of Libya into Cyrenaica, Tripolitana and Rezzan?

What will happen to Libya? When we start thinking about this we quickly run up against a wall of ignorance. What do we know about Libya, except the out-sized personality of Muammar Qaddafi, that is? If we start be examining … Continue reading

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Libya: The implementation of res. 1973/2011 on a no fly zone over Libya: waiting for Godot?

Alain Juppé, the French foreign minister, stated at the time of the vote in the security council on resolution 1973/2011 that operations aimed at implementing the no fly zone (paragraph 6) and the protection of civilians (paragraph 4) could being … Continue reading

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Libya: A refugee crisis in the making by Qaddafi?

As the fighting in Libya intensifies the most vulnerable are the sub-saharan migrant workers, from countries such as Nigeria and Chad. These migrant workers are caught between a rock and hard place; between the forces of loyal to Ghaddafi and … Continue reading

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