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Syria: a Russian dilemma – sovereignty, ego and regional influence

All along since the beginning of the protests in Deraa, March 2010 Russia has stood by Syria. At first this was not so difficult. President Assad promised reforms and amnesty through his spokesperson Bouthaina Shaaban, spoke to the Syrian parliament, … Continue reading

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Syria: Is the regime of Bashar al-Assad playing the Kurdish ‘card’ against Turkey?

For months the Kurdish dominated Jasira-region in northeast Syria have been relatively calm. Maybe the shrewd move by Bashar al-Assad early in on the start of the protests opening up for stateless Kurds, the so called Ajanabi, to apply for … Continue reading

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Turkey: Erdogan’s statements and Davutoglu’s ‘final warning’ to Assad – all bark, no bite

Following the attack on Jisr ash-Shugur 6 June 2011 and the wave of refugees that poured over the border turkish officials stepped up their critique against the Syrian leadership. The official reactions of PM Erdogan, as reported by Today’s Zaman … Continue reading

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Syria: Assad changes Minister of Defense ahead of showdown with Davutoğlu; Ali Habib out – Dawood Rajiha in

According to SANA President Bashar al-Assad appointed General Dawood Rajiha, the current army chief of staff to the position of minister of defense. According to SANA the changes was part of “the consecutive steps announced by President Bashar al-Assad recently”. … Continue reading

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Lebanon: The Special Tribunal for Lebanon will soon add alot of spice to an already hot dish

According to information made available to the Daily Star, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is set to hand down indictments next week, 3-4 July, on the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri, and possibly as well of those people … Continue reading

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Syria: The kings speech part 3 – Turkey, looming new EU sanctions, the economy and UN

Today President Bashar al-Assad will make his third speech since the outbreak of the protest in Syria. This speech can be seen as the reaction to condemnation by Erdogan and the ‘transparent and frank’ discussions with Syrian envoy Hassan Turkmani. … Continue reading

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Syria: as the refugee crisis continues Turkey indicates that it might intervene in Syria

Around 8900. This is the current tally of Syrian nationals that have fled to neighbouring Turkey. And today it has been reported that around 10 000 more are held up in makeshift camps just across the border, on the Syrian … Continue reading

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