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Syria: UNSC resolution 2059 – a wrap up of UNSMIS

UNSC resolution 2059, which was adopted unanimously, extended the UNSMIS mission in Syria for another 30 days. But reading the text it is also clear the mission will end by that time if no major changes will occur, changes that … Continue reading

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UN Security Council: the vetoed draft resolution on Syria with Russian objections crossed out and amendments added

Below is a copy of the draft resolution on Syria where I have added Russian objections and amendments. Objections are crossed out and proposed amendments are in bold. Below this text you will also find the resolution as it was … Continue reading

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Syria: The Damascus Bomb Blasts part 2 – the Ghost of Ghaddafi

It is not as if the Syrian regime opened its arms to the Arab League and the mission to monitor the implementation of the agreement to put an end to the violence. But in the end the regime had no … Continue reading

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Syria: USA calls for Assad to resign, impose trade sanctions on Syrian oil. EU to follow?

After six months of onslaught by the Syrian regime, after at least 1800 deaths according to United Nations and thousands more injured, arrested, torture USA and EU yesterday called for Bashar al-Assad to step down. Finally – but why the … Continue reading

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Syria: hoodwinked – was the ‘resignation’ of Syrian ambassador Lamia Chakkour a set-up/provocation of France 24?

The supporting facts are as follows: France 24 routines: According to France 24 prior to the interview of Lamia Chakkour on the ‘Debate’ show France 24 contacted the Syrian Embassy’s press section. After France 24 had informed the Embassy of … Continue reading

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