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Syrien: Fakta, inte önsketänkande, leder oss rätt hur Assadregimen och IS skall hanteras

Utrikespolitiska institutets medarbetare Per Jönsson hävdar in sin slutreplik på svt.se att jag klamrar mig fast vid en ståndpunkt om inbördeskriget i Syrien som var aktuell och relevant för tre-fyra år sedan – att Assadregimen är anledningen till inbördeskriget i … Continue reading

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Syria: In the Shadow of Hama

One day after President Bashar al-Assad signed the decree abolishing 48 years of emergency rule the regime escalated the conflict. After the Friday-prayer on April 22 security forces attack in cities around Syria killing some 80 – 100 people. The … Continue reading

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Syria: In the face of crackdowns against Sunni-protesters Hamas sends mixed signals to the regime of Bashar al-Assad

As reported today by International Herald Tribune the relationship between Hamas and the regime of Bashar al-Assad has become strained during the weeks of crackdowns against, mainly, Sunni protesters. This Saturday Al Hayat, an influential pan-Arab newspaper claimed that Hamas … Continue reading

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Syria: In Daraa the regime crossed the ‘red line’

In my post of April 23 I stated that I could not imagine any significant action taken by the international community against Syria if not certain ‘red line’ were crossed. These ‘red lines’ can be summed up as the use … Continue reading

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Syria: crackdown and concession – the Janus face of nervous regime

In the speech before the Syrian parliament following the protests in Deraa, President Bashar al-Assad stated that reforms would come, but in a moderate pace and not as a result of any demonstrations. He also made it perfectly clear that … Continue reading

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Syria: The killing of protesters in Syria – further signs of Bashar al-Assads lack of control?

Reports are that protesters have been killed in various parts of Syria during the demonstrations yesterday. In Lattakia a man was killed in what seemed to be clashes between pro-government demonstrators and protesters. But in other parts of Syria it … Continue reading

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Syria: Maher al-Assad I presume?

According to information from Reuters protesters in Deraa have been chanting slogans against Bashar al-Assads brother, Maher al-Assad. Claims are that Maher al-Assads forces took part in the killing of protesters in Deraa. This might be a rumor, but it … Continue reading

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