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Syria: the twin bombings in Damascus points to regime weakend by incompetence, mistrust and treason

Twin bombing rocked central Damascus this morning. The first went off at 06:55 and was followed minutes later by the second bomb. The targets – the Ministry of Defense General Staff HQ and the Airforce Command building, are in a … Continue reading

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Syria: EU extendes further sanctions against Syrian officials in the wake of the attack on Hama

EU announced today that the sanction list will be extended to include another five Syrian nationals, bringing the number to 35 indivdiuals and four entities, i.e. companies. The names will be published tomorrow, and as soon as I get my … Continue reading

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Syria: Syria’s ambassador to France Lamia Chakkour denies resignation to French channel BFM

In an interview standing in front of a portrait of President Bashar al-Assad Syria’s ambassador to France, Lamia Chakkour denied having spoken to France 24 and reiterated what had been said to Syrian State TV and Al Arabiya, that she … Continue reading

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Syria: Lamia Chakkours resignation later denied on Syrian State TV, but confirmed by Syrian Embassy. The plot thickens…

Syrian State TV  and Al Arabiya aired telephone interviews with a woman claiming to be Syria’s ambassador to France, Lamia Chakkour denying that she had resigned. Instead the woman claiming to be Lamia Chakkour stated that she would, in the … Continue reading

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Syria: The tightening of the noose?

Currently there are no signs that the regime in Syria will manage to put a stop to the protests. With reports of more then 1000 demonstrators killed the stance of the protesters have hardened; a national dialogue that was announced … Continue reading

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Israel: Nakba at Golan – walking with their eyes wide open into a Syrian trap?

Yesterday around 100 – 150 individuals crossed the fence separating Israeli occupied Golan and Syria. Israeli forces alerted to the possibility of a diversionary move by the Syrian regime on Nakba in the face of the ongoing uprising had taken … Continue reading

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Syria: to support or not support, that is the question for Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah

As we are closing in on 60 days of the protests in Syria it is now abundantly clear that this will be something different to the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, the drawn out fall of Saleh in Yemen and the … Continue reading

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